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Solar Batteries Penrith

Solar Batteries Penrith

Get Reliable Solar Batteries in Penrith 

Are you looking for solar batteries in Penrith? Hobbs is a complete solar solution for commercial and residential clients. Our family-owned business has provided quality electrical, plumbing, renovation, and solar services for over 40 years. The founder, Matthew Hobbs, grew up plumbing and learned the ins and outs of the business. His drive and passion to deliver excellent work grew the family business into what it is today. Hobbs employs local, qualified, and professional tradespeople with great work ethics.

Our team has reliable electricians who handle all your electrical needs, including green initiatives. The green initiative covers all environmentally friendly options like solar panels, home batteries, and solar hot water. We pride ourselves on our sincerity, integrity, and consistent performance. We promise to arrive promptly and discuss your issue before establishing the best solution.


The Learn About Our Solar Batteries in Penrith

Solar is an excellent way to lower energy bills and impact the environment. However, it has its limitations. Although Penrith receives its fair share of sunshine, your solar panels will not work efficiently during cloudy days and will produce no power at night. For this reason, you will depend on electricity from the grid during those times. Installing solar batteries in your Penrith home is a sure way to provide constant electricity without relying on the grid or firing your generator. Hobbs can help you install a solar panel with the combination of an inverter and battery system.

The solar battery is rechargeable and designed to maximise your energy independence. Using a solar battery means seamless backup, a smaller carbon footprint for your home, and savings on your electricity bills. We can customise the battery system to your energy needs so that you always have power.


Contact Us for Solar Batteries in Penrith

A solar battery connects to your inverter to store excess power generated throughout the day. You will use this energy when your solar panels cannot produce enough power to meet your needs. You will find different solar batteries on the market. We recommend using the Alpha ESS Smile. These batteries have an excellent range of hybrid and retrofit solutions for on-grid and off-grid use. The batteries are ideal for commercial and residential solar systems, and AlphaESS is one of the pioneer manufacturers in the energy storage market. The Alpha ESS Smile batteries also come with a 5-year product warranty and a 10-year battery warranty for your peace of mind.

Hobbs has committed to sustainability and is taking action against climate change. We are proud to take climate action and offset our carbon emissions through native reforestation. We aim to achieve carbon-neutral certification in 2023 and assist our clients in having reliable solar panels and battery systems.

Our trained electricians are available to assist you with any questions regarding our solar batteries in Perth. Call us today.

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