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Hobbs Living Green

Blaxland, NSW

Tiny Home

If anyone knows tiny homes it is Hobbs. If you've ever seen a tiny homes on youtube you would have definitely come across Matt & Lisa sharing an insight on how to live tiny with a whooping 50 million views and growing daily. (For more on this see below) So to share this with everyone Hobbs has designed and built as part of their display home in Blaxland a tiny home for you to walk in and experience. Our simple layout uses the optimum space, with a walk through bathroom to the bedroom, skylights for natural lighting. Under bench washer/dryer, built-in appliances. Living room with normal 2 seater couch and a large screen tv. Gorgeous compact kitchen with all the features of a regular kitchen, high-end stone benchtops and Australian made exquisite tapware, durable to last the test of time.

  • Open floor plan

  • Herringbone timber flooring

  • Strip lighting

  • Stone waterfall benchtops

  • Custom-made cabinetry

  • Two tone timber look cabnetry

  • Gas cooktop

  • Built-in wall oven

  • Tiled kit-kat backsplash

  • Coffee Bar

  • Soft-close draws and cupboard doors

  • Built-in washer and dryer

  • Skylights for natural lighting

  • Bespoke quality tapware

  • Venetian plastering

  • Walk-through wardrobe and bathroom

  • Built-in bed with nook

  • And more...

If this project has got you enticed and you'd like a design consultation contact us today or head back to our projects to look at other designs we have completed.

Hobbs Tiny Environmental Footprint

Tailoring your small space to your needs and lifestyles by analysing the things that you think are important to your home, and fitting them into a smaller footprint. It's all about sustainability, having a minimal environmental impact, with the plan to go off grid.

What Hobbs has done to reach their goal:

1. Tiny Home - Smaller footprint.

2. Solar panels

3. Inverter

4. Home Batteries

5. Rainwater Tank - Rainbank System

6. Electric Vehicle - Home Charger

7. Solar Hot Water - Evacuated Tube System

Below is Part 1 of our Tiny Home.

​Part 2 shows you the progression of the eco-solutions implemented as they work towards minimising their environmental footprint.

If you are interested in reducing your footprint and would like further information regarding any of the eco solutions mentioned. Speak with our experienced team now.

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